About Me


Paul Zane

Web Designer - Web Developer - Photographer

Paul became interested in the internet and its potential in 1997. Envisioning then a society that would rely on the internet to disseminate information, shop online, and communicate, I felt that I needed to be a part of it. I took a single class in Web Design in New Jersey and was instantly called. The next few years were spent learning as much as I could about the web, web pages, design and programming. In 1999, I started working in financial services for a small start up. From there he moved to a consulting company specialty in industrial analysis. At this company I was responsible for not only their various websites, but their computer infrastructure and databases as well. In February 2002, my career reached a new level as he moved on to a company that was creating commodities trading software for the petroleum and energy industries. I was responsible for maintaining their web servers as well as developing internal internet applications.


In 2003 I struck out on his own, working for various clients. Besides my own projects, I consulted for companies such as Citigroup, Accenture, and Roundarch. I have worked on some high-profile sites including the NFL, History Channel, Biography, and Smith Barney. In 2008, I joined an upcoming company specializing in social media, Ripple6. Ripple6 was purchased by Gannett later that year and I continued to work with Ripple6 on such sites as Mixing Bowl, for Better Homes and Gardens, Parents Magazine Community, Gannett's own Moms Like Me, and was responsible for developing Ripple's flagship product, R6 OnDemand. In 2012, I joined KBS+ Spies and Assasssins, a leading digital agency, where I worked on a variety of projects, including BMW and Harman Kardon. After leaving KBS+, I joined Grey for a short time, before stiking out on my own again.


As an internet expert, I continue to broaden the web with new and innovative websites.


My Expertise

Web Design

I have 18 years of experience as a freelance web designer. I have designed a number of website for clients in a wide range of industries.

Web Development

I have 16 years of professional experience as a web developer, specializing in Front-End development. I have worked for large companies as well as smaller digital and boutique agencies.


I am an amature photographer specializing in nature and landscape photogrpahy.

Lovecraft Aficionado

I am an avid fan of the works of H.P. Lovecraft and games based on his stories.